I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Justyna Smart to your organization. I had the pleasure to work closely with Justyna during our time together at Lucky Brand. I found her to be one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working Tech Service leaders I have every 

Justyna’s integrity and work ethic is outstanding. She is completely dedication to business growth, timely goals and deliveries and has the ability to adjust to ever changing environment.

Moreover, Justyna is a great leader that leads by example with superior technical skill set and remains humble to help and guide the most junior associate such that they develop into a highly skilled contributor. She is fair however holds factories accountable for quality, cost and delivery. The couple years we worked closely together left a very positive impression on me. She certainly made our end to end business better. I highly recommend Justyna and can ensure you she will add significant value to your organization.

Jeff Frye
Chief Operating Officer, Columbus, OH

Ms Justyna Smart and I worked together at Frilly, where she was supply chain officer and my supervisor. It was my great pleasure to work with her, I was so impressed by her management style and professional working attitude. From the very beginning, Justyna kept the idea of people oriented in mind. She spared no effort in developing working environment for workers, such as opened a kitchen where workers can eat lunch and drink clear water, equipped sewers soft chairs in stead of stools, bought boxes and towels for sewers to keep their own place clean. Because of her effort that no one complained in the factory, we had a better working place, we were treated equally, cared and respected; Besides, she rewarded outstanding sewers and pattern-makers and encouraged crew by talking with them and having parties with employees . She was not a typically supervisor who would sit in a bright and big independent office that no one can reach but a supervisor who stands in the head of team, she spent her time with sewers, pattern-makers and QC to train them and develop their skills, she made handbooks for everyone who needed it. Justyna focused not only on employees’ skills but product procedures, she was a bond among LA office, Hangzhou factory and IT department, clear and right orders were given to all departments to make the whole company run efficiently . Beyond that, she is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. She revised patterns, gave advise to tech designers, fitted and improved samples, guided sewers and QC and so on. And she worked late every day while she was in China. Our program encountered bottleneck, she came up with M2M methods to make garments be fitted, which was a major breakthrough of that program. Overall, Justyna is a most amazing and dedicated woman and supervisor I’ve ever met and knew she is a truly valuable asset to any team, I thorough enjoyed my time working with her.

Echo Huang
Business Translator – China, Hangzou

Justyna created 2 beautiful custom blocks for me. She was patient and responsive to all my detailed requests while offering informed suggestions to make the patterns work better! She is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I enjoyed working with Justyna and strongly recommend her services!! –

Kristi Head
CEO, Entrepreneur Los Angeles, CA

To who it may concern, My name is Andi Wang and I’ve known Justyna for over a year now. She was the Supply Chain Officer of Frilly Inc, where I was (still am) the translator/coordinator of Frilly’s factory in China. As a matter of fact, Justyna was involved in my hiring process and her approach of conducting the interview not only showed me fair and consistence, but also how much she’s good at communicating and embraces diversity. Justyna was well respected in Frilly for being the “go-to” person to get things done, sometimes even in a short amount of time. She showed people the importance of always picking out the crucial points to accomplish those tasks. Throughout the time, I’ve witnessed that she’s a motivated leader with amazing skills. It can be tardy carrying on work between different departments in fashion business already, not to mention adding a newly-set-up website for the brand, not to mention getting collaborative work done across cultures. Simply try to picture fashion language meeting computer language, art meeting tech. Justyna is just intelligent in setting rules and inspiring people to present themselves in a clear and understandable way so communicating is never hard. I’d also characterize Justyna as supportive, invested in my success and interested in helping me grow. She once made sure meetings arranged with some of the key roles in the factory, so I could get more insight into their structure and gain more recognition, in order to deliver better results. Moreover, if you ask any worker in the factory, they’d be able to tell how much Justyna has offered equal opportunity, open policy so they can speak up, improved their working environment in her best possible way while setting herself an example to others. In summary, due to her great effort, dedication and excellent managing skills back at Frilly, I would heartily testify to Justyna’s credentials.

Andi Wang
Business Translator/Customer Coordinator – China, Hangzou
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