Justyna Smart

President and Founder of
Fashion Logic Inc.

  • Supply Chain Expert
  • Couturier & Tailor
  • Inventor
  • Logician
  • Mentor        

     Justyna Smart is a European businesswoman and designer with over twenty-five years of experience in the fashion industry. Her business apparel and jewelry design expertise spans from couture to casual for discerning women and men.  Originally from Poland. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Her inspiration is sourced from her myriad interest, work experiences, world travel, and her own intuitive sense of world class quality and detail. She is formally educated in Business and Marketing, Fashion Design and World Philosophy.

Dedicated to her deep study of diverse cultures and all techniques of craft, she works intellectually, technically and passionately in every aspect of her projects and creations.

Justyna is passionate about empowering people. She loves creating opportunities and supporting those who want to grow. Making global workplace improvements a major priority, equality and human rights are at the core of her interactions with colleagues and clients.  

She is also deeply committed to Global Sustainability, aiming to reduce fashion waste. 

Global sustainability is not a point of view, or a choice; it is our basic responsibility. ~Justyna Smart 


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