1. Production process starts upon purchase order receipt. At that point we order fabric from mill, which takes up to 10 days (if it comes from different country or even continent). In the meantime, pattern is prepared per client chosen option.
  2. Each fabric coupon is inspected upon arrival and run through stabilization process.
  3. Cutting and sewing takes up to 5 days. Precision is ensured by meticulous hand cutting process. Our tailors construct each garment, one at the time, constantly checking balance on the form, pressing every panel and hand basting seams implementing fit perfection.
  4. Afterwords garment goes trough hand finishing where we implement our invisible seams, attach trims and prepare garment for final inspection.
  5. Before garments are packed and shipped to customers, they go through precise quality control procedures. 


WE work with each client individually to ensure satisfaction. After the order in placed, one of our stylists contacts clients to confirm fabric choices, and sizing. We also encourage clients to schedule free consultation in our atelier located in Los Angeles, California USA, where they can be properly measured and inspect garment quality for themselves.


Our meticulous production process has been designed to eliminate fashion waste and client disappointment. WE stand 100% behind our products, but since everything is made to order, we have strict return policy:

  1. Garments can be returned for full refund,only if arrived damaged. Client will have an option of full refund or new sample. We must be notified within 5  days of package arrival.
  2. Garments can be return for other reasons within 5 days of package arrival. We will issue 50% (fifty percent) refunded after deducting partial production cost.


OUR COUTURE ATELIER has been designed to provide a platform for each customer personal empowerment through customized wardrobe. We personally assist each client in establishing a style that suits their personality,lifestyle, and reflects who they are. Apart from great designs, we deliver great fits that will flatter any unique physique. In privacy of our studio we will develop, not only the dream designs , but the ultimate unique expression of oneself.


This process in more involved and requires more steps and timing from 4 to 8 weeks. We rely on client’s cooperation therefore timing may vary depending on clients availability.

  1. We start with initial consultation, which can be conducted via phone call,virtually or in person. The design process will start after we gather all needed information.
  2. Second must be conducted in person if the first consultation was done virtually. We not only will present our designs and fabric choices, but most importantly, we will take precise measurements of client’s body. At this point we will charge first installment of 50% (fifty percent) of full cost.
  3. At the 2nd meeting in about two weeks from our previous one, we will conduct our first fitting in muslin prototype. At this point client can withdraw his/hers order after coverings block development partial cost, which comes to 25% ( twenty five percent) of full price.
  4. After muslin is approved, we proceed to real fabrication with decided upon styling and fit corrections. At this point we will charge second installment, the renaming 50% ( fifty percent) of full price. From this point on, garments are not returnable, nor the cost is refundable.
  5. Final garment will be ready to ship within 3 to 4 weeks from muslin approvals.
  6. We encourage each client, especially new one to visit us for 3rd and final meeting to ensure final fit and quality in person. One complimentary alteration will be offered for clients who pick up garments in person.

This process is a rare opportunity we have been created with each client in mind. We strive to deliver truly unique services and change the face of fashion as we know it. It takes time and dedication from our side, so we need each client commitment to the process. We cannot do it without you. We invite you to partner up with us, be involved and be mindful of each step. Simply, 



Eliminating fashion waste requires detail preparation and strategic thinking. We refuse to pollute Earth with extra unnecessary labels, neither inside the garment, nor we invest in outer marketing trash labels. We will send you one note certifying authenticity and care instructions. 


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