We create art in jewelry. Custom designed to be an inseparable extension of the wearer. Each piece of individually made jewelry will embody both, natural beauty and life enhancing energy. We will select specific precious and semi-precious stones, metals and other materials to resonate with every persons essence-thus, enhancing hers eminence.


Our stones come from as near as North America and as distant as Far East. They are thoughtfully chosen to give awe and pleasure from within. Our gems, pearls and metals are selected for their unique physical, metaphysical  and even mystical properties for the purpose of lending quality to your state of being.


The materials we hand select provide aesthetic pleasure, soothing, stimulating and enhancing qualities. The founder of JUSTpolished has extensive knowledge of the physical and chemical properties in the materials she insists are included in her designs. Each stone, pearl, metal is chosen thoughtfully and wisely to enhance your state of being. And, with your help in the care of your jewelry, optimal quality and function can be sustained.

  • Stones are nest worn directly on your skin.
  • Cleanse in fresh water.***
  • Rest your jewelry on sea salt, or recharge in the sunlight.***

*** Specific care instruction is supplied with each design as some methods are not appropriate for certain materials.


” My jewelry is a necessity. The key is to find balance between vanity and function. Designed as an extension of your energy and being, my designs, created in tandem with you, result in aesthetically beautiful yet, functional pieces of art. A Relationship is built between you and the material intuitively chosen to resonate and enhance your essence. As your energy shifts and your relationship with your jewelry, we can visit over time and incorporate elements and additional pieces that will most reflect your growth and current sense of well-being” – Justyna Smart founder 

” My designs emphasize attention to detail, flowerless workmanship and extraordinary materials” – Justyna Smart founder of Fahion Logic Gem

Custom Designed & Made to Order

Personal Consultations by Appointment Only