Fashion Trend, or Earth and Self Respect

Fashion Trend, or Earth and Self Respect

My ultimate professional guru is Mr. Martin Greenfield. Czech, holocaust survivor, national president of tailoring society and owner of 100 year old tailoring factory in New York. After discovering his biography “Measure of the man” one cannot help but to stick to the craft and honor the legacy and heritage of the millions of craftsmen before us. I know it is not practical, nor is it a fast fashion money making machine.

Mr. Greenfield had survived horrific events and yet climbed to the top through sheer work ethics and a strive for excellence. His motto is “Success in this business is about producing quality with intrinsic value”.

I totally subscribe to it. I don’t believe in fast fashion. Our planet is already drowning in trash. The reckless consumption by American society is alarming. People are feeling out their emotional emptiness by acquiring a never-ending amount of goods, including cheap fashion. How many tee-shirts, jeans and sneakers do you really need? And I mean NEED not WANT? What the hell is the difference between them? I walked into my friend Kasia’s apartment and was stunned to see a 6-foot-tall mound of clothes on the floor. There were about six or seven of those piles there and they were all black. I had no idea how she could tell the difference.


Does anyone even bother to check how the production of crude or, man-made fiber or denim washes, causes an endless amount of waste effects on our planet? Everyone loves WalMart, or Forever 21. It is cheap, colorful and amazing for the consumer, right? But do you know at what cost? Have you asked any of the employees of WalMart if they are paid enough to afford housing, food or insurance? Did you know that the ruthless WalMart business procedures are able to kill any entrepreneur basically at will? We have no jobs in the USA, but we still support businesses that are producing overseas. I know this is a catch 22 as we all have difficulties trying to survive, raising families, and stretching our money. I am not judging, I am just trying to bring your attention to the fact of “overdoing” to the extreme. I personally strive for balance between getting cheap basics and investing in long lasting quality products. This is my personal choice of life style.


In fashion I will get my basics on sale or in a discount store. However, I design my style per season. My basic fashion statements such as a blazer, coat, suit, dress for work, dress for outings and such. I would invest in something that would last longer and is well made. I do not go for fashion trends and spend tons of money on trends. I will buy trendy earrings, or other accessories. Something noticeable that won’t break my budget.


Get your major tailored, or couture pieces that are timeless. Something that you can wear and keep recycling without people noticing. Mix vintage with new pieces. Keep it as a blank canvas that you can trim with accessories from the current trend. Try, as much as you can to make conscientious decisions where you’re going to spend your money. Investigate your label’s employee’s policy. Check if they believe in equal rights, fair wages, do they have women on managerial positions, mix raced employees? Check company’s ethical conduct. I know we all want to wear Gucci and Prada but who can really afford it? Try not to buy copies. That will only encourage intellectual property thieves to steal more. Buy inspired pieces instead.no

Learn who conducts themselves with racial, or misogynistic bias, who is accused of fraud, or avoids paying taxes. Invest in companies that are trying to preserve the Earth investing in sustainability like recycling water or using solar panels. Last and not least support products made domestically as they are extremely hard to come by in fashion. It is super expensive and legally challenging to produce in the USA, especially in Los Angeles; and American consumers have been taught to buy massive amounts, in poor quality on a penny. This is a disastrous way to live from a sustainable perspective.

Third world countries are drowning in our trashed, used clothes. They are suffering from countless chemicals trying to produce the next hot trend print or wash.  They work is appalling conditions, so we can have our 5$ tee-shirts. Don’t think for a minute that there is no one out there that pays the difference in price through suffering, so you can be wasteful and thoughtless with your fashion choices.

I encourage you to get garments that are made with pride and not with tears. I encourage you to stop the modern slavery of third world countries.Think of the Earth as a home for the generations to come, not only for the present and for yourself alone!

Be responsible. Develop your own style, be independent and fuck the trend! Trend is the last stage before tacky, according to Karl Lagerfeld. Trends are for people without a sense of identity. Be empowered and create your own trend, which is STYLE. Combine new, vintage, cheap, and precious; make a splash and enjoy life. Take a risk and speak up! Every voice counts! Don’t be the blind, brainwashed commercial follower! Judge for yourself: what you want, what you need, and what you can live without. “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion owns yo, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live”~ Gianni Verace.





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