Justyna Smart

CEO & Founder of Fashion Logic Incorporated

  • Apparel Business Expert
  • Couturier & Tailor
  • Teacher and Mentor
  • Inventor 

     Justyna Smart founder and CEO of Fashion Logic Incorporated. She is an international business consultant and expert in the apparel industry. With over 25 years experience in fashion, her unique skill set ranges from apparel design to apparel manufacturing. This experience and industry knowledge, coupled with her leadership and technical skills, has made her a highly sought after consultant in her niche. 

     She is best known for her expertise in supply chain management. She is a solutions based consultant, she guides her clients through navigating the fashion industry from design idea to delivery. Originally from Europe, Justyna has worked with international fashion brands of all sizes on launching their brands and their seasonal collections.

     In addition to her experience in the apparel industry, she holds a Master’s Degree in Formal Logic. Additionally, she has post-graduate degree in Marketing and Management from the Warsaw School of Economics. She couples her formal education with her vast industry experience and now she is teaching her signature system, The Fashion House, to other fashion entrepreneurs.  Her signature system guides new and experienced fashion entrepreneurs from idea to implementation phase with their apparel brand. 

     In addition to teaching other brands how to bring their collections to market, she holds a deep passion for global sustainability and reducing fashion manufacturing waste. She also shares her knowledge and experience in business as a speaker to help empower other women entrepreneurs around the globe.her


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