made to order

THE PEOPLE: Our Company was created for and with people I have been working with for over twenty-five years in the apparel industry. Traveling around the world and observing cultural differences, especially in developing countries, has
strengthened my personal belief in equal opportunity. Our mission is to establish humane working environments and maintain a respectful approach. We aim to integrate factory workers, office employees, and management in more organic ways to promote harmony.


CRAFTSMANSHIP: We partnership with utmost experienced and talented tailors. Our clothing taps into long forgotten high quality workmanship. We are passionate about tailoring and couture while not charging its prices. Clean finishes and hand stitched details are our pride and staple of our daily operations. We do not rush paying attention to details. Nothing is mass produced as do only MADE TO ORDER.


MATERIALS: We are aspiring to imitate nature therefore we are trying to use as much as possible of natural fibers. We choose non-toxic mills that are concern about polluting Earth and keep improving its processes. We use only cruelty free furs and leathers.


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